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Money is not taught in schools or colleges

Wonder why so many people in India are highly educated yet not rich! When we were young we are taught how to get high scores. The pressure was marks whether we understand everything or not.If you get good marks you are intelligent.But what counts is how much money you have to fulfill your basic needs and little bit of luxury.In our government there are many who are highly qualified but if you ask them how to be rich, the only answer may be through corruption. It is a painful fact that money is not taught in schools or colleges.With the rising prices of the basic necessities, the future seems flooded with riots and wars. I heard somewhere that if you are highly qualified, getting a job is a task.

It is high time that the education system is changed and students are given lessons on financial discipline.If I have a choice to be educated or rich, I would choose the latter as the cost of living is shooting at a fast pace.


10 Signs that you are truly awake… and know there are more to come

10 Signs that you are truly awake… and know there are more to come.

Back to basics

Knowing and recalling the basics of what you have learnt is really important when you look for a change.sometimes we overlook the basics and aim for something big. The basic is the foundation.For instance, to dream big is good but one needs to know what is the dream about! the qualities to achieve the goal. there are situations where we jump too fast to the highest point ignoring the underlying bricks of foundation. Then, when the roof falls we blame everything. the lacuna lies in the poor planning and concentrating more on execution. knowledge plays an integral role both in planning and execution.

God’s signal in silence

When one is really confused as how to decide on which track to choose…Give time to your mind. Go into silence till you get a clear and a single thought. That is the signal(instinct) from the Almighty. Remember to listen to it instead of welcoming other repetitive wasteful thoughts. Pause and see how often do we give chance to God to intervene. We are always busy with ourselves…resulting in fatigue and less powerful thoughts and actions which again lead to dissatisfaction. Who is to be blamed? My cyclonic mind or others around me or God? Silence is the key to such situations. Faith in yourself and God does wonders. Why wait? Just try and see it yourself.

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